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Chris Harris’ E28 M5

Chris Harris is definitely one of my favourite motoring journalists…and he’s recently pulled his BMW E28 M5 out of storage to put to use.


(Chris) “Not a hint of corrosion, the interior is mint and the wheels are unmarked. Can’t wait to collect it later today.”

it looks great…as all E12 and E28s seem to….

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BMW 5-series generations.

I can’t really be arsed to write about the current leakage of photos regarding the ‘NEW” BMW 5-Series…..because it’s boring.

What I do know, is that previous generations of 5-series have NOT been boring.  My absolute favourites are the first 2 (E12 and E28). Thus the most exciting part of the press release is actually the photo of ALL the 5-series generations together! Good wallpaper for you cuckoo 5-series fans.


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