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meet the original. 1959 Porsche T7 754/1961 695 (ur 911 concept)

I was interested to find out what the original concept car of the Porsche 911 looked like; and i have found it!  It is called the T7 754 (have also seen the number 695 used).  This was the original design proposed by FA Porsche but was rejected until until the rear end was changed, as explained the video below.  The front end is unmistakedly 911, however it is very interesting to see the original rear end proposed way back in 1959.  I was not familiar with this car before today;

some more info:

“The Porsche 695, also known as the T7 prototype, is an automobile from Porsche It was a prototype made in 1961 and later became the Porsche 911. The front end is very similar to the 911, but the rear is somewhat different. The 695 was developed from the Porsche 356 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and has a wheel base that is 100mm longer (up to 300 mm longer in early designs). It has a top speed of 200km/h.

Designed in the late-Fifties, the 695 was intended to be a true four-seater sports car. It was with the 695 that Porsche decided upon the use of the flat-six powerplant which has been the mainstay of the 911 range ever since. However, despite the 695 having entered the test-driving and development stage, Porsche management decided against the four-seater arrangement, and demanded that the car be redesigned in traditional two-plus-two arrangement, with smaller rear seats.

The successer was badged the 901, and was unveiled in 1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. A year later, it was released onto the roads as the 911.”

Porsche 695 – Wikicars

a short video showing the car, with similar info:

BTW, the car is currently located inside the beautiful Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

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