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How cool is the Maserati Shamal?  So cool that plenty of people don’t even know what it is……to me, it is quite possibly one of the coolest Maseratis ever made.  Bulging fenders, a nasty 325hp V8, and a strange but fluid Marcello Gandini design which evolved the BMW-clone understated BiTurbo design into something wonderfully weird.

The other day when Automobiliac, Motoring Con Brio, and myself were at a Skip Barber open house, Bradley from Automobiliac mentioned the Maserati Shamal to me and i clenched my jaws with excitement……it’s a car which really gets me excited!  I’m not sure why….i probably shouldn’t like it—-but i really do.  I think the obscurity of it is appealing, as well as it being from the ‘dark days’ of Maserati…..in a time where we associate the Maserati badge with a fair bit of failure…..but the Shamal was no failure…

Here’s a short, but slightly scary/cryptic video of a Japanese Shamal owners club GTG, to celebrate 20 years of the Shamal.

src : NFScars, carblueprints

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