in the beginning…

there were cars, ideas, soul, feel, and everything in between. in the looks, in the lifestyle, in the dreams of young boys who turn into young men and carry their world into the years.

IEDEI will bring together ideas, items, and thoughts which breathe through the insides of vintage souls like you and i. stuff you should buy, places you should go, things you should know, ideas you should feel.

get your sunglasses, pack of smokes, dirty shoes, and driving gloves on…

3 thoughts on “in the beginning…

  1. iedei says:


  2. […] started IEDEI back in 2008 and launched it with the idea of it being an authentic, genuine, and soulful place to indulge in […]

  3. Notre magasin de Bordeaux est un centre specialist en réparation d’ordinateurs sur le 33 et en Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

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