the life of a vintage soul…

there is a certain charm to having worn down gloves, a dirty fast car, and dust settling on the sunglasses.  there’s something to be said for pants with grease stains, a slight skip on a CD, and the smell of leather and petrol firing through the nose as the day goes on

vintage racing souls use a miscellaneous feeling of pureness.  a stripped down, raw, inner feeling that can’t be put into words so easily.  i’ve heard various terms such as “petrolheads” or “car junkies” or “gearheads”—-all of them are rubbish.   vintage racing souls are epitomized by a different context altogether.

it’s not just about the cars—-it’s the ATMOSPHERE.  a sense of belonging to speed, noise, smells, sights, style, and charisma of this world.  an appreciation for the subtle and not-so-subtle uses of objects.

in the end, cars will just be cars—–but the experience of them will be inside YOU.  what is gonna make your calender move day after day after day after day—-the experience of living, brought forth via dreaming, and honoured by living the idea.

this is not about old cars, old times, history, or nostalgia.  THIS IS ABOUT NOW, IN A MODERN WORLD, WITH EYES ON CLASSIC APPEAL.

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