MTM BiMoto Audi TT (new video)

The ‘yellow’ BiMoto Audi TT was a fierce force to be reckon with—-fast as f*ck, but with sloppy handling abilities. They say that since repainting the BiMoto TT to the new livery of green, silver, and pink (?)—they’ve also sorted out some suspension issues, made the car even faster, and have played with the aerodynamics to make it even faster. I have not been able to sort out whether they are STILL using 2-1.8T engines, or whether they have switched over to using 2-2.0T engines now—so if anyone does know, please do enlighten us!

In this video, Tim Schrick (German touring car driver) tests the Version II of the MTM BiMoto TT. Sure it looks crazy…but that can only be an advantage with this monster.

Sorry the video is in german, but you don’t need language to watch the car or to hear it! I love it when he turns on each engine separately. Heavenly!





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3 thoughts on “MTM BiMoto Audi TT (new video)

  1. Olivier says:

    Based on the small remnants of my German, I believe the car has 2 zwei-liter engines, not the 1.8

  2. iedei says:

    ahhh, the french german stands up and speaks out! 🙂 yeah, that’s what i was thinking too. I think they’ve changed the ‘look’ of it after theys tarted using the 2.0t BIMOTO instead of the 1.8T (which it used to have)

  3. 2953 says:

    With the twin (dueling, sometimes) 1.8L 20v engines the Bimoto TT was stunningly fast in a straight line. Or at Nardo, for that matter.

    Unfortunately, in its original form it was diabolically evil when asked to change direction at anything but a somnambulistic pace. Hopefully, the handling has been sorted out when the car received its powerplant upgrade.

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