Alfa Romeo Montreal driving video….

By far one of my favourite Alfa Romeos, the Montreal was almost like a ‘mini-Miura” in many ways.  Inside this small-ish shell, it had a big heavy V8 nested away.  Some people said it was too soft, and too sloppy to be a real sports car….but i don’t think it matters.  It was like an italian muscle car…..with a brilliant soundtrack to boot!

check it…

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2 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo Montreal driving video….

  1. 2953 says:

    Question: How can you tell if a Montreal is over-restored?

    Answer: It runs.

    Seriously, I have always loved the Montreal for all its many shortcomings. As a matter of fact it’s my fourth favorite eight-cylinder Alfa road car. A picture of the one currently at the top of my list can be seen by pasting the URL below into a blank window of your favorite web browser…

  2. iedei says:

    wow! that is gorgeous, sir! that red interior POPS!

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