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foto of the day. Lambos.

the original gangstas!  Espada, Miura, and Jarama.  This photo is from original publicity materials sent out by Lambo back in the day.

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Mo Miura…(1)

Can’t get enough of this photography over at www.joesackey.com


click to enlarge fotos.

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stillborn bull: 1974 Lamborghini Bravo


This was due to be the replacement for the Lamborghini Urraco, however it was launched to the world as a concept in 1974 by Bertone, however the global economy was slumping, fuel costs were rising, and Ferrucio Lamborghini was retiring.  From what i’ve read, there is widespread reporting that this Bravo was tested heavily prior to its introduction (40,000+ miles), but unfortunately it never made it to production.  3.0L engine pumping 300hp through a small, relatively light body and short wheelbase.  Smaller, lower, and shorter than the Countach, it definitely ‘borrowed’ some ideas from the Countach.

It looks like Lamborghini would have definitely had an amazing rival to the Ferrari Dino, had they have made this…..


Word is, you can still see the car at the Bertone Museum in Turin, Italy.

1974 Lamborghini Bravo-a


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Resurrecting the engine of a Lamborghini Espada!

Very cool stuff. Check it out…this engine is from an S3 Espada, has been removed and fully modernized!

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Lamborghini Miura wallpaper.

All hail the MIURA and the origins of the supercar!

(click picture 2 times to get full HI-RES photo)


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Alfa Romeo Montreal driving video….

By far one of my favourite Alfa Romeos, the Montreal was almost like a ‘mini-Miura” in many ways.  Inside this small-ish shell, it had a big heavy V8 nested away.  Some people said it was too soft, and too sloppy to be a real sports car….but i don’t think it matters.  It was like an italian muscle car…..with a brilliant soundtrack to boot!

check it…

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Foto of the day.

Got this great pic of a Lamborghini 400GT off the wonderful Autofiends blog. What a great picture…..KEEP CLICKING the picture to get the full hi-res version.


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