Maserati introduces the Granturismo MC


Readied for the FIA GT4 Cup, in which participants are generally privately held and run teams using lightly modified/tweaked street cars on the track, Maserati has introduced that GT MC ‘race’ version of the Granturismo S road car.

I wasn’t font of the Granturismo when it was first launched, but it’s really grown on me these days!

More info on the car with specs follow here…



Width: 1914,0 mm
Lenght: 4935,3 mm
Height: 1300,0 mm
Overhang front: 930,5 mm
Overhang rear: 1064,1 mm
Wheelbase: 2940,7 mm
Front track: 1618,4 mm
Rear Track: 1580,7 mm
Weight: < 1400 Kg
Weight distribution: 51,3 front / 48,7 rear


Engine: V8
Displacement: 4,691 cc
Maximum power: ND
Maximum torque: ND
Weight/power ratio: <4.6 Kg/KW (<3.4 Kg/HP
Ignition: Bosch – digital system
Air intake: Double cone racing type filter
Exhaust system: Racing type with removable catalyzers
Lubrication: Wet sump
Gearbox: Rear, longitudinal gearbox, with transaxle scheme.
6 gears + reverse, syncromesh.
Electrohydraulic activation, with paddles shift


Bodywork: Carbon fiber
Windows: Windscreen, rear and side windows in Lexan.
Chassis: Steel with welded integral rollcage structure, FIA approved.
Interior: Backward-set driving position, with racing seat, dashboard and console in carbon fiber throughout.
6-points seat-belt compatible with HANS protection system.
Electrical system: Specific, with data acquisition system integrated in the dashboard.
Fuel tank: 120 L, with carbon safety structure, FIA approved.

Racing system without ABS, with steel discs:
Front disc: 380 mm
Rear disc: 326 mm
Front caliper: 6 pistons
Rear caliper: 4 pistons

Front: 11”x18”
Rear: 11”x18”

Front: 305/645/18
Rear: 305/680/18

Shock absorbers: Carbon fiber

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2 thoughts on “Maserati introduces the Granturismo MC

  1. Ryan says:

    that is pretty hot. Can we get a hopped up one of these and a couple of R8s in ALMS already? Or, once GT1 is gone, can we just have GT2 and GT3 categories in addition to the prototypes?

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