Exclusive: KNIZE TEN coming to the USA


This is a lifestyle blog, not simply about cars. But about all things for all men.  This isn’t a crap site like Basenotes where boring one-dimensional donkeys cry and whine about their gutless opinions of rubbish fragrances. IEDEI focuses on cars, however has a firm grip on quality items for all petrolheads.  One of the things i became quite interested in last year or two was fragrances—especially leather fragrances.  The finest leather fragrance i have ever tried  (and i’ve tried MANY) is surely the glorious KNIZE TEN.  Currently, this is one of THE harder fragrances to find—as there was no official US distributor…but all of this has changed!

Over the past year or so, i’ve been in consistent communication with the good folks over at the Austrian offices of Knize and also at the german perfume office.  This morning, they informed me that a US distributor for 5 lines of KNIZE products has been secured! Yes, from Maine—a company named Waldron Group has been confirmed as the exclusive distributor of Knize products here in the USA. 

For those of you who haven’t tried KNIZE TEN, it is an extremely artistic, classic, controversial, and unique fragrance—equal parts leather, bitter tar, citrus, and hints of florals.  But this is truly THE quintessential MAN SCENT.  It is a must try, and a must own.  I will fill you in on more details when they happen…..and a launch date is expected in the Summer of 09.  Finally, the good petrolheads of this country will stop smelling like Armani, Creed, Gucci, and all that other trendy rubbish!

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7 thoughts on “Exclusive: KNIZE TEN coming to the USA

  1. Andy says:

    Hey dude, I saw you on BN a few times and always read what you had to say. Your posts, among many, persuaded me to try Knize Ten and I will never regret that day. EVERYONE should try Knize Ten.

  2. iedei says:

    hey how are ya andy? thanks for finding me here and checking out the blog. Knize Ten is really pretty legendary stuff, and i’m really glad you’re enjoying it! it’s funny because yesterday at a Brooklyn Flea Market, i found a bottle of “Eau De Cologne” (pretty hard to find, milder concentration in splash bottle) for $10 andi picked it up…….stay well, and always feel free to share your Knize stories….cheers!

  3. jerry garrett says:

    I love Knize Ten, have been hunting it down on ebay for years and found four bottles of it, but paid dearly for them! when will this line be released in the US?

  4. iedei says:

    summer of 2009, jerry!

  5. Jerry says:

    Hey I forgot to ask, when it is released where is the best place to buy it? is it coming out in July?

  6. scott becker says:

    where can i buy knize ten in texas

  7. scott becker says:

    where can i buy knize ten in san antonio texas

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