the WORST modern tail lights….

Here at IEDEI, i try to keep things positive and upbeat, however certain things about automotive design really get me going.  Lately i’ve been noticing alot about the taillights on cars…and how bizarrely they are often designed.  I’m starting to get the feeling that some sap in each company sits around doing the design for the lighting bits, and the tail light guy must be the one everyone makes fun of at lunch time…..well probably not, but it makes me feel better to think he exists and this happens!

So what cars have the WORST, most annoying, ugly, and awkward tail lights on modern cars?  Here are a few…

Toyota Altezza/Lexus IS (1st generation)


Whoever designed these taillights should be run over by an Altezza….THIS CAR brought “clear tail lights” to the mainstream! So every pimpled geeky 17 year-old high school student rollin in his junked out 1991 Corolla w/custom tin can rippy exhaust could ‘special order’ himself a set of Corolla “Altezza” cleared taillights.  Oh the horror…..Toyota should be ashamed of itself for introducing such a trend…

Nissan Altima


There aren’t too many cars I hate as much as I hate the Nissan Altima.   It is by far one of THE most annoying, common, and idiot-magnet cars on the road today.  I swear that every other Altima i see on the mean streets of NYC are driven by a classless blithering idiot weaving in and out of traffic like a stabbed goat.  Terrible cars, terrible owners, and terrible tail lights designed by someone who thought it’d be cool to go 3D…..guess what, they look like shite maaan! That whole pseudo 3D thing is a miserable failure….looks like several animals were butchered, and then stuffed into a glass cylinder….awful awful.

Mitsubishi Eclipse (current)


The current-generation Mitsubishi Eclipse is a true loser of a car.  Crap performance, very crappy looks, and horrendous cleared out tail lights (thanks Altezza!…really).  I must admit that i’m not sure if it’s the ill-proportioned car that is making the tail lights worse, or whether they are just rubbish at their steady state normal!

Nissan 350z


You might start to think that, at this point, I am blindly attacking japanese cars; however it is difficult to deny just how tasteless their design subtleties can be sometimes!  The 350z is another example of a car which just fails on so many levels of design, inside and out.  Aside from being a robotic, warped imitation of the Audi TT design, they decided to turn the tail lights into an elongated spear-shaped trajectory.  This leads to the tail light horizontally invading the side of the car.  Terrible….just terrible.

that’s my shortlist…i’m sure there are plenty more! do you have any suggestions or nominations?

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25 thoughts on “the WORST modern tail lights….

  1. gloomdoom says:

    the only one i agree here with u is the Lexus taillight.. the rest is awesome.. the altima, and eclpise are among the best in the class for design and taillight.

  2. iedei says:

    Oh dear…..”best in the class”? How fascinating….

  3. james woods says:


  4. iedei says:

    They are uglier than a stabbed and decomposing raccoon.

    • james woods says:

      you just cant afford one thats why you are saying this

      • iedei says:

        Yes, because everybody knows that the Altima is a VERY expensive and exclusive car that nobody but James Woods can afford. Nice one. LOL.

        I could probably buy a Lexus IS with the pocket change i can find in the seats of my Audi.

  5. james woods says:

    Audi”s are ugly… they are a wannabe benz and BMW. Audi”s get no love in this country but Nissan And Lexus sure is hell Do..hmmmm Wonder Why????

    • iedei says:

      hahahahaha…, you are clueless. Educate yourself on cars a bit more….then come back. thanks.

  6. james woods says:

    i know a lot about cars bro…it just seems like you have bad taste in cars. cause to choose an audi over a lexus is like choosing a toyota over an benz

    • iedei says:

      HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA. that’s the dumbest analogy i’ve ever heard. Lexus aren’t even fit to wipe the shite off Audi’s arse. Thanks for the laugh.

  7. IEDEI, your such an idiot. Those Altima tailights are so original unlike toyota who likes to copy other designs. like both recent model camrys, they tried to make it look like a back of a benz and the recent model like a civic coupe. seems here that you have bad taste in cars…
    altezza’s might ruin a cars look but it has to learn to match it right.

    oh and btw, LEXUS>audi

    • iedei says:

      hahaha….i love the Altima fanboys coming here….and defending one of the shittiest cars on the road. How can you possibly defend taillights as hideous as the Altima’s? lol….

      Lexus is a wannabe…will always be one. If you’re looking for coverage of Altimas and Lexus—–do NOT come to this blog, sucka!

  8. ummm fanboy?? Yeah i’m a fan of whichever car brings something new and impresive to the table. I admit the previous model of the altima had some hideous euro-like tailights. But with this altima, they step their game up. They take their chance on creating a 3D tailight and it’s successful big time. And an altima would be expensive if you decide to buy a 3.5 SL. Point is that Audi’s suck and will never get close to where BMW and MercedezBenz are.

    I’m not going to sit here and persuade you into like a specific car. But hey that’s my opinion and your’s seems to show that you have bad taste. 🙂

  9. james woods says:

    OMG Ride in An 2009 3.5 SL Altima and i bet you will change your mind….

  10. james woods says:

    why not? hmmm? cause you know they are nice.. they have 17 inch rims, a navigation system, HIDS, double exhaust, leather, what else could you possibly need?

  11. james woods says:

    ok i see that we are never going to come to an agreement so maybe one day you will be forced to ride in one and i know you will be a changed man…….GOD BLESS

  12. gary says:

    audi’s are gay

  13. reader says:

    BMW > Audi. End of Story.

    • Anonymous says:

      An arguement…on the internet! Well I never!
      I disagree with everyone.

      I think the 350Z is ok as coupes can be a little more radical, noone was really doing the clear lights when that lexus came out… but the big nissans lights looks like the window of a junk shop.

  14. Giraffe says:

    Hi iedei , just telling you for your knowledgeable that you are a toxic idiot.

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