Audi A8L interior.

IEDEI are not really suckers for ‘luxurious’ interiors, however this one takes some sort of cake, bakes it, devours it, and bakes another one.  Pretty fantastic for that Eastern European Dictator in your family….the 2011 Audi A8L

look, there’s even an ottoman for the passenger to put their feet up!

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One thought on “Audi A8L interior.

  1. FReiGhTLinER says:

    Wow it has double Roof top openings and music system also at the back.
    Audi A8L model is looking like a cruise.
    Audi is provided with stunning features. If Indians want to buy it, they have to spent double the amount of the original prices. If these kind of cars available n the Indian market. It would be the greatest pleasure to them. Buying such kind of huge price car is the big thing. If they are going to afford the double the money, they will be really annoying.

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