3 reasons why IEDEI does NOT like the VW Scirocco.

I’ve grown quite tired of people gushing over the “good looking” VW Scirocco. I’ve seen several in person and I find it to be quite an ugly little machine.  A couple reasons why the Scirocco makes no sense to me:

1. It is a low budget, uglier, misproportioned, and german copy of the Alfa Romeo Brera.  Sure the Brera may suck to drive, but who cares!!! It is drop dead gorgeous.

2. The MK2 Audi TT is a better car; better interior, better proportions, and much more interesting to look at.  Of course I concede that the MK2 TT is a much uglier and nastier affair than the original MK1 TT which will go down as one of the 20th centuries landmark automotive designs; but the MK2 is close enough to the MK1 that it can carry at least a little bit of that over in legacy.  The argument that the TT is a “squashed Beetle” is countered by the fact that the Scirocco is a “squashed Golf”.

3.  The “new” Scirocco carries almost NONE of the passion the beautiful ORIGINAL Scirocco carried.  The original had very unique proportions in its time, different to the other notchbacks of the time (Audi Quattro, Alfa GTV, etc).  It was small and cool.  The new Scirocco is bulkier than a Golf, worse proportioned than a Golf (i much prefer the looks of the MK6 Golf to the Scirocco), and doesn’t really perform any different than a Golf.

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5 thoughts on “3 reasons why IEDEI does NOT like the VW Scirocco.

  1. GVIal says:

    I have to disagree. I loved the old Scirocco and Corrado and think the new one does a great job of keeping that tradition alive. I’m a huge Golf Gti fan, but would take a Scirocco any day.

    • Syed says:

      have you seen the Scirocco in person? I agree with you about the ‘old’ Sciroccos and Corrado……some of my favourite cars of VAG past….but this new Scirocco is merely an imitation of the Brera….with none of the original charm. I only realised this when i spent significant time checking the car out in person…..

      • GVIal says:

        Yeah, I’ve seen it up close. Gave me a stiffy. I love the Brera too, but the German make me imagine thrashing it, whereas the Alfa just makes me want to look at it.

  2. t1gershark says:

    I agree with GVlal. The new Scirocco looks great (from the front), and it looks a hell of alot better than the current Rabbit.
    As far as the MK2 Audi TT, it’s way out of the Scirocco’s price range.

  3. Avotter says:

    I don’t know but the scirocco looks seems to be awfully hyped up for no apparent reason. I personally think it maybe a good car but it looks like a slapped burger. I don’t see the appeal at all.

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