wants on ebay: RS2 Coupe! (conversion)

Damn you, Ebay.

I’ve been lusting after the incredible Audi RS2 for a while (it’s going to take heroic measures to prevent me from having one once that silly 25 year NHTSA rule expires on them)…..but this Audi Coupe has been beautifully converted into something very VERY close to what an Audi RS2 Coupe would have looked like if it was ever produced.  Was a RS2 Coupe ever produced?  Remains as a controversy, however I have read that internally ONE of them was produced; and i’ve also read that Porsche wouldn’t build the car for Audi, because they felt it would compete with the Porsches of the time.  The Avant version which did make it to production, clearly did not compete…..

This car is gorgeous.  On sale in Canada at the moment.   I’m so glad there are rules complicating the issue of canadian and american cars between imported between the countries; because IF THIS car were on sale in the US, i would have been SO SO SO tempted.   Seems like the best alternative for a continent which was deprived of one of the greatest Audis ever made; the RS2.

470hp Porsche tuned RS2 engine.


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8 thoughts on “wants on ebay: RS2 Coupe! (conversion)

  1. Murph says:

    Simple solution – move to Canada. I have no point of reference as to where you live – but this could still be an option!

  2. Mcstiff says:

    I gotta post this as an FYI


    “…engine is 97 S6 aan engine.
    he rebuild it himself. upgraded headgasket.
    he is a believer that you dont need stronger rods for 400+ HP (whp) but its sufficient to have cylinder sleeves. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME PLZ

    yes front seats are RS2 the rest of the car is custom work.

    6 speed is from 04 S4 since according to him RS2 6 speeds crap in 1/2 gears

    obviously car is repainted nogaro blue

    7a cams

    tuned at 034 motorsport after his own build.

    its CANADIAN model 91. no stickers for USA…
    …oh yeah rs2 EM.”

    So the ratio of RS2 parts to USDM parts is pretty low. I’m not trying to detract from the car as a whole but don’t but it based on X build cost of all sorts of imported parts.

  3. yikes. someone also points out on BaT that the seller’s spelling is a disaster:


    don’t know about y’all, but that might be reason enough for me to stay away.

  4. […] RS2 Coupe According to this chap Audi wanted to build em, but Porsche vetoed it as it was to close to porker territory. https://iedei.wordpress.com/2010/08/2…pe-conversion/ […]

  5. Lee says:

    I Have A Red RS2 Coupe conversion for sale just like this in Northern California, call 209XXXXXXX

  6. Lee says:

    Email me you number and I’m text you sum pictures I’m trying to sell it ASAP my email is lceaser510@gmail.com

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