last week, i visited a classic car dealership with my mate Brad from the Automobiliac Blog.  We both scrounged through their classic cars, and both of us were fascinating by 2 cars in particular; 2 Alfa Romeo Montreals, and a Lamborghini Espada (that had a *cough* transplanted Corvette engine).  I still haven’t gotten around to making a post about that visit to Gullwing Motors in Astoria, NYC—-but i will this week with some photos.

In the meantime though, i’ve been mentally admiring the uniqueness and beauty of both of those cars; the Montreal and the Espada.

Some nicer Espadas than the one we saw….truly one of the most stunning supercars ever made.

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2 thoughts on “Espada.

  1. Dave Lang says:

    I purchased the Espada with the Corvette engine from Gullwing Motors and had it delivered to me in Jan 2011.
    This series I model, the 132nd of 186 built is a pretty rare car indeed. It is totally complete with the early dash and the great cast knockoff wheels. The original engine has been long gone and an 85 Corvette with Tuned Port Injection and Borg Warner 5 speed are installed, and from the looks of it, have been in the car since the 80s. The car drives perfectly and has nearly the same power as the original but is at least 300 lbs lighter (original 12 cyl with 5 speed weighed 960 lbs) Weight distribution is now an almost perfect 50/50 front to back.
    A light restoration has been completed, except for a color change from the original mint green to a factory blue, which I will have done by next year, 2012.
    Dave Lang
    Puyallup, WA.

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