Audi resurrects the quattro!

more pics later.  here’s a video i grabbed off the Audi press services.

(psst, sorry it’s been so quiet here lately….i’ve got an album being released in the next 2 weeks….been working on it!)

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7 thoughts on “Audi resurrects the quattro!

  1. if it’s lightweight and has five cylinders and a turbocharger, i can dig it in principle, but in terms of looks, i must confess.. i think the s5 looks better. this thing looks like it’s trying too hard. and it looks like it doesn’t quite know what it wants to be. i see shades of evo x in the front and new dodge challenger in the back- not exactly things you want to see on a new audi that’s supposed to bear the venerable quattro nameplate.

    • Syed says:

      i absolutely love the look…small, aggressive coupe….and they’ve done a great job with the e-tron design…warping it into this!

  2. Feketelaszlo says:

    At least it’s not so boring then other Audis and VWs. It has a character which makes it similar to the Ur-Quattro. So yes, they can give it the “Quattro” badge, unlike other Audi models (yeah, I’m looking at you Mr. Allroad Quattro). Let’s hope the assembly line will be here in Hungary, next to the TT-assembly line.

    • Syed says:

      did you just call Audis boring? I SHOULD BAN YOU!! 🙂

      • Feketelaszlo says:

        Well, in my eyes even an R8 looks boring, their lines are “too smooth” for me. Here on the european market you can find a lot of interesting designs, compared to them Audi designs are meaningless. There’s nothing in them, it’s just a car without a soul, even if it looks good. They have no character. Sometimes I feel the same thing towards the nordics, Saab and Volvo, but even they can put something into their cars, like the C30s rear. I know that’s not much, but every car maker has to put in a little bit of risk into their design. Maybe someone will call their cars ugly because of these things, but it’s part of designing cars.

      • Syed says:

        Laszlo, dude! you’re cool, but you are on massive amounts of crack! 🙂 Audi make far more interesting designs than anyone else i can see at the moment……interior and exterior…..

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