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what was made, what was made very little of, and what was never made.  All three are quattro icons.



src:  audi australia

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audi quattro concept; real life pics!

Thanks to Brad (Automobiliac) for pointing me towards this post on Jalopnik, where they show real life pics of the quattro concept in Malibu, California!  The best new design of 2010 looks even better in the real world! WOW! DO WANT.

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Audi mulling over building the neu quattro!

BUILD IT! put me on the list!

“Describing the new two-door as more than just a one-off show car, Stefan Reil, head of development at Audi’s Quattro Gmbh division, confirmed plans for a limited production run were fairly advanced. “We are rethinking standard processes to make it possible,” he said. “We know how to engineer it already.”


more info at Autocar:



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more Audi quattro concept

the “concept car of the year” as far as IEDEI is concerned!   Lotus who?

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foto of the day. concept.

the most exciting concept car this year, for me…personally.

Audi quattro Concept. (cheers to Motor Authority, where i got the pic)

(click to enlarge)

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Audi resurrects the quattro!

more pics later.  here’s a video i grabbed off the Audi press services.

(psst, sorry it’s been so quiet here lately….i’ve got an album being released in the next 2 weeks….been working on it!)

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