more Audi quattro concept

the “concept car of the year” as far as IEDEI is concerned!   Lotus who?

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5 thoughts on “more Audi quattro concept

  1. N1kk3l says:

    Your Audi obsession is becoming very unhealthy. Can you tell me what is so exciting about the quattro concept ?

    • Syed says:

      my Audi obsession has been unhealthy for a while. what excites me here is; (A) the pedigree design of the car, involving elements of the original urquattro and quattro sport, as well as the R8 and Brera (De Silva designed) and (B) 2800 pounds, 400+hp, quattro, same power to weight ratio as a R8 V10! This car is gonna murder stuff like the M3. not just beat it….murder it! Audi are really ahead of the game at the moment……

      • N1kk3l says:

        I was going to give you a long answer why this is the most un-exciting concept in my book. And despite that it’s a quite a beautiful car they should never called it “Quattro”. I think that they’ve missed the whole Quattro feeling and etc.

        But who cares. It excites you, it disappoints me, everybody can like or dislike whatever he want. What I wanted to know is why it fascinates you so much and you’ve given me a very good answer. 🙂


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