BMW: bring Bangle back!

BMW = Boring Me….oh never mind.

I like Chris Bangle.  His designs ‘sunk in’ after a while, which to me is a sign of someone who properly pushed the envelope.  I loved the BMW Z4 Coupe and i love the BMW 1-series, both designed by Mr. Bangle.  I know that he is still involved with BMW occasionally, and is also running his own company at the moment; but what i’m amazed by is just how boring the current BMW design themes have become.  Seriously… many versions of your E92 3-series can you make?  now you’ve made a larger one, and now you’ve made a super-larger one!  I honestly get confused when i see these on the road; sometimes i think the 5-series is a 3-series, sometimes i think the 5-series is a 7-series—-only the size prevents me from calling a 7 a 3 and vice versa…..the design is boring, they are utterly charmless….but most of all, they are COMPLETELY devoid of any challenge, art, or sense of passion.  BMW is a bored company, and it’s showing.  No wonder they’ve stretched out that last Bangle-era design (1-series) for another go as the 1-Series M Coupe—-which should be out soon….for a price of around…..$45-50k as far as i can guess.

I used to think the E60 5-series was a real ugly bastard when it first came out—-but the design grew on me, and i don’t even think it looks awkward anymore…i actually think it looks good….much better than the generic ‘new’ 5-series that just came out…

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3 thoughts on “BMW: bring Bangle back!

  1. GVIAL says:

    Completely agree…hope someone at BMW are listening, their new Acura 7 Series is Lame and their LS 400 5 Series is a joke!

  2. RobertM says:

    AGREED 1000 times over. The new 2012+ designs are EVEN WORSE. I am so disappointed… I may leave the brand when I finish paying off my beautiful e92 335. I cannot purchase the new BMW designs, they are simply awful. Cheap plastics, Toyota inspired interior… awful lines, and uninspired NON-AGGRESSIVE styling. Where is the INNOVATION???????? Who is in charge here?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have been a BMW owner for the past 15 years.. i currently drive an M3 convertible 2002.. in simple and plain language, BMW body style “suck” big time… i visited the dealer the other day to take a look at the m6…. OMG 150,000 … WHAT? it is the most boring generic design i have seen out of BMW. for 150000 you can get a year old bently, a year old aston martin … come on BMW… the excitement of looking at a bmw is gone… the new designs work well for mid 90’s not for 2012… sooooo disappointed

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