Porsche Cayman R.

Just debut’d at the LA auto show, although the photos i’m seeing of the actual car are pissing me off as they have ‘polished lip’ wheels; which, for me, ruin everything.

But i’m digging the idea and the car.  330hp. lighter. cooler interior.  better exterior.  $66k.  sweet! it’s like a pocket sized GT3.

more pics and info here: http://www.motorauthority.com/blog/1051594_2012-porsche-cayman-r-first-look

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4 thoughts on “Porsche Cayman R.

  1. danidmas says:

    The car is nice and cool, and I sooo want one… but check out Chris Harris’ article on Evo:


    Couldn’t agree more.

    • Syed says:

      I respect Chris Harris greatly…i love that he offers an opinion which is respectful of history, while at the same time; honest and straightforward. HOWEVER, i feel that if Porsche ‘purists’ are still waiting for ‘pure’ Porsches to be churned out of Stuttgart, they really need to update themselves with the time! Porsche is not the racing company it was in the 70s….and to expect that they would still carry that philosophy is simply a pipe dream! Thanks for the link, Dani!

  2. i wonder if there are any boxster spyder owners who are having a wee bit of buyer’s remorse right about now…

  3. odcinkowo says:

    Thanks, good entry.

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