new obsession. Moto Guzzi?

I am not really a fan of motorcycles nor do i really know how to ride a motorcycle.  I vaguely know how to ride a scooter, and i can ride a bicycle…..but bicycles are boring, and scooters have no balls.  Although there have been may instances where I have wanted to just buy a cheap scooter and explore the city.

A few days ago I spotted a motorcycle which really got my blood running.  It was a black Moto Guzzi 850 with green and white stripes on the side of the bike.  I rarely look at the motorcycle and think “WOW!” but when i saw this one, I definitely felt like that.  It made me wanna learn how to ride a motorbike, and it made me wanna have one.

I have no knowledge of motorcycles or of Moto Guzzi motorcycles….but i’m just learning a little bit about em at the moment.   This one isn’t exactly like the one i saw, because the one i saw had green stripes, but i believe it is the same model with a different paint finish.

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One thought on “new obsession. Moto Guzzi?

  1. motorcycles are definitely something i can get into, and moto guzzis are cool (as are triumphs, and nortons, and..). but i have enough on my plate being obsessed with cars, i don’t need yet another distraction…

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