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Audi buying Ducati! (?…!…?)

As an Audiphile, i’m super excited this morning after reading this.  It’s not April 1st….wow. Piech on the attack! You’re next Alfa Romeo!

from Fourtitude:

“Apparently Ferdinand Piech has been interested in Ducati for some time and is on the record for stating his regret for not snapping up the motorcycle marque when it went up on the market years ago.  Apparently Piech also looked into revival of the Horex brand, but it was determined that there wasn’t enough brand recognition to make it worthwhile. Ducati, on the other hand, sells 40,000 motorcycles a year and has great brand recognition worldwide.”


“Out of nowhere CAR Magazine today has broken a story this morning that Audi entered an exclusive deal to buy motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. After re-checking our calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1, we took a closer look at the story. Penned by Georg Kacher, we don’t question its accuracy in any way and as such it’s worth considering the details.

Apparently Ducati is on the market and it’s being suited by no less than Audi, Daimler (with whom there’s a marketing deal with AMG), Mahindra and even Audi’s parent company Volkswagen. All are interested in the Italian motorcycle manufacturer but Kacher is revealing via CAR that Audi has an exclusivity deal that gives it first refusal – one that could very well see Ducati under Audi ownership by April.”

Original article at Car Magazine

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new obsession. Moto Guzzi?

I am not really a fan of motorcycles nor do i really know how to ride a motorcycle.  I vaguely know how to ride a scooter, and i can ride a bicycle…..but bicycles are boring, and scooters have no balls.  Although there have been may instances where I have wanted to just buy a cheap scooter and explore the city.

A few days ago I spotted a motorcycle which really got my blood running.  It was a black Moto Guzzi 850 with green and white stripes on the side of the bike.  I rarely look at the motorcycle and think “WOW!” but when i saw this one, I definitely felt like that.  It made me wanna learn how to ride a motorbike, and it made me wanna have one.

I have no knowledge of motorcycles or of Moto Guzzi motorcycles….but i’m just learning a little bit about em at the moment.   This one isn’t exactly like the one i saw, because the one i saw had green stripes, but i believe it is the same model with a different paint finish.

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