BMW has ruined Mini.

Yes what you see above, is a 2-door Mini crossover which will debut next month as the Mini Paceman.  Sort of like a 2 door version of their extremely hideous Mini Countryman.  The Countryman, is like a raised SUV-like version of their Mini Clubman—-which in turn is an elongated version of their spectacularly annoying Mini Cooper.  I always loved the ‘original’ Mini since my many trips to the UK and I loved the ‘new” Mini Cooper after it was initially introduced, for about 6 months.  I convinced a friend of mine to buy one immediately; then she hit a curb in her Cooper S and totaled it! Really? totaled it by hitting a curb—-bent the frame and axle….quality.

I hate Mini interiors—-they are horribly overdone, ghastly, and awkward.  I don’t think i’ve ever felt comfortable inside of a modern Mini.  I look at the original Mini and often think how brilliant it was; and how far it has fallen under the arthritic grip of BMW.   So now we are left with Mini Cooper S cars which have 210hp and weigh 2600 pounds.  How can a mini weigh 2600 pounds?  How is that NOT a fail?  the original Mini weighed between 1400 and 1600 pounds.   The whole point of this car was to keep it LIGHT and nimble… Colin Chapman’s wet dream.

WHY is BMW making 3300 pound versions of Minis that are crossovers?  This is a complete WHORING of the Mini name—-an insult to the original idea and ethos of the brand.  Nice one BMW—-you f*cked up Mini!

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9 thoughts on “BMW has ruined Mini.

  1. Rob says:

    Well, it was either not building a new Mini at all or building it according to 21st century standards. These include crash security, pedestrian protection, comfy seats, aircon, proper breaks, satnav, a stereo, etc. etc. etc.
    You just can’t build a car anymore like you used to 40-odd years ago. If you crash in an old Mini, you’ll die (especially in the back because there were no seatbelts). If you run someone over in an old Mini you’ll both die. If you drive 200 miles in an old Mini you’ll need a new spine. If you wanted to take your WAG to the shops in an old Mini, you needed a roof-rack to get your stuff back home because there’s no boot.
    And yes, the new Mini (no matter which model) is pricey. But so is everything that’s chic and has a touch of class. Like Alessi. Or Calvin Klein. Or the iPad.

    In a nutshell: I don’t get your point. BMW is actually bringing the Mini back to what it has always been: A style-icon. And with the Countryman and the Paceman the Mini has finally become a style-icon that can be used every day. Because you suddenly have rear legroom and a massive boot. Plus, the Countryman is nowhere near high enough to be an SUV after all.

    It’s not that I want to annoy you, but I DO hope, they put the Mini Roadster Concept they’ve published about a year ago into production. Because it’s cool. Chic. And on top of all that: a Mini.

    • Syed says:

      oh i agree with you about the Roadster and Coupe— i liked the Mini Coupe and Roadster concepts…….these Clubmans, Countrymans, and Pacemans have NOTHING to do with the original idea of Mini—–and there is no feasible or understandable way that they can be explained as consistent with the Mini ethos!

      • Syed says:

        even the Clubman i can forgive, as there was an original Clubman….but a Crossover??? no way, man.

  2. Rob says:

    So what about the new Fiat 500 then? Has Fiat ruined that one, too? Can’t be bothered to look up the actual size now, but to me, every time I see an old 500 it seems even more tiny than the old Mini. And look at it today. Yes, it is a lot bigger than the old one (thank God for that) and yes, it is a lot more expensive than the old one. But just as the new Mini (in any shape and form) it is chic and desirable (which you can derive from the price).
    You can’t deem all retro-cars rubbish and wrong and destroying their predecessors’ reputation just because Chrysler horribly messed up the PT Cruiser…

    • Syed says:

      I am certainly not against retro….and i don’t even mind the Mini Cooper or Mini One on sale that much—-but there’s no need for all the other derivatives, like crossovers, etc….that is a complete insult to the original brand, IMO. The Fiat 500 is about 2300 pounds….marketed similar to how the Mini is marketed originally and currently. The original Mini and Fiat 500 were created as cheap, affordable, small commuter cars for small euro families. They were never meant to be luxurious, complicated, heavy, or big….

      • Feketelaszlo says:

        Hey, you know that in the business everything is about the money, so if they can make a lot of money with selling crossovers and SUVs by the name of “Mini”, they will do it. They doesn’t really care about the fans of the old brand, just let it sell. I think the VW New Beetle and the Fiat 500 are the perfect example for this, look at the prices of these brands: the price of a New Betlee in Italy is 17.000 €, while a Golf costs just 12.000 €. Same at the Fiat: a 500 costs above 11.000 €, while the Panda is just 9.000 € or the Punto 10.500 € (both bigger and more useful). But people are buying them, that’s truth. But I don’t understand why should it be a problem to sell a crossover with the logo of the Mini, it’s just a car like the others, crossovers are not made by the Satan, they can be good and useful cars, the main problem is usually with the people who buy them for 1.5x more money then a normal car.

  3. Automobiliac says:

    One area I think we can agree on is Syed’s take on the interiors: Truly ghastly, overstyled, and plasticky. Furthermore, the giant wall-clock sized speedo is so big it’s paradoxically unreadable from the driver’s seat. The radio controls are the most retarded ever and the turn signal stalks annoy the F*()&^ out of me. Also, you cant’ f-ing see out of the blasted car. If you are at a stop light you need to crane your neck to see if the light changed! If I had to choose, i’d take the new FIAT 500 over the mini any day, and yes I have driven one too. It was fun and surprisingly well appointed inside.

  4. i am an idiot. says:

    I live in San Francisco and I am a total imbecile….which is why i pollute websites with my illiterate crap….

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