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BMW has ruined Mini.

Yes what you see above, is a 2-door Mini crossover which will debut next month as the Mini Paceman.  Sort of like a 2 door version of their extremely hideous Mini Countryman.  The Countryman, is like a raised SUV-like version of their Mini Clubman—-which in turn is an elongated version of their spectacularly annoying Mini Cooper.  I always loved the ‘original’ Mini since my many trips to the UK and I loved the ‘new” Mini Cooper after it was initially introduced, for about 6 months.  I convinced a friend of mine to buy one immediately; then she hit a curb in her Cooper S and totaled it! Really? totaled it by hitting a curb—-bent the frame and axle….quality.

I hate Mini interiors—-they are horribly overdone, ghastly, and awkward.  I don’t think i’ve ever felt comfortable inside of a modern Mini.  I look at the original Mini and often think how brilliant it was; and how far it has fallen under the arthritic grip of BMW.   So now we are left with Mini Cooper S cars which have 210hp and weigh 2600 pounds.  How can a mini weigh 2600 pounds?  How is that NOT a fail?  the original Mini weighed between 1400 and 1600 pounds.   The whole point of this car was to keep it LIGHT and nimble…..like Colin Chapman’s wet dream.

WHY is BMW making 3300 pound versions of Minis that are crossovers?  This is a complete WHORING of the Mini name—-an insult to the original idea and ethos of the brand.  Nice one BMW—-you f*cked up Mini!

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