(thanks to Elyse Sewell for sharing this glorious photo with me, not sure where it was taken…)

Well it snowed like we were at war with the sky over the weekend here in NYC.   I learned several things during this snowstorm.

A) People in NYC have no idea how to drive through snow.  Having grown up in Michigan and then lived 3 years in Chicago taught me very well how to drive during a snowstorm.  People here have extreme difficulty in judging whether their car can clear certain ‘mounds’ of snow.  On the corner of our street in Brooklyn…..There were 10s of cars stuck over a period of just a few hours.  Some cars in Brooklyn REMAIN stuck even now…..

B) I drive a very low to the ground modified with a stiff suspension, 18 inch lightweight wheels, and on all-seasons.  my TT quattro had absolutely no trouble handling the snow in any way.  There wasn’t a single time i felt unstable or unable to clear any snowbanks.  Most of you know I am a major Audihead….and this is why.  These cars are unstoppable by weather.  While other people stay parked during inclement storms, Audis come ALIVE!  It was great to see people with looks of disbelief as i passed their stuck SUVs and trucks in my low black coupe…..i even heard “what the hell is that thing!?”.

C) NYC was not prepared at all for this storm…..and their lack of proper cleanup is basically simple negligence and/or a mixture of holiday relaxation combined with unexpected ‘large’ storm status.  There are still major streets in our area which are unplowed, and have now turned into ice.  Unacceptable!

D) NYC people are tough.  Much tougher than others.  i saw plenty of people walking around, trudging through large stacks of knee high or even thigh high snow. In other cities, you’d see people sitting on their couch eating chips and watching TV.   There were people stuck 6 hours on the A train going through Queens without heat or food on Monday morning….i’m guessing these people took the subway again today to work.

E) I need boots.  No i’ve never worn boots….even in Detroit or Chicago i never did…but i also never had to walk so much as i do here…and my lack of boots means that the dude you see slipping and sliding all over the sidewalk is probably me trying to regain my balance.

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5 thoughts on “SNOW!

  1. Lukasz says:

    Judging by the registration plate it’s in Russia. BTW I’m a big fan of your blog and same as you’re crazy about an Audi brand, currently owing 2001 A4 B6 1.9TDi 96KW (130SE)

    • Syed says:

      great stuff man! Audi is only JUST introducing TDI models here…so we never got stuff like the B6 in TDI form. Thanks for helping me identify where it’s from and cheers for reading

      • Lukasz says:

        very true, recently I visited Canada and was surprised not seeing ant TDi’s which are very good, reliable and cheap to run specially in europe from the other hand i was a bit jelous because you’re getting all the top notch models of cars ie most of BMW’s in Canada were x models (4 whell drive) which is very rare in europe, even in UK where i live… unfortunatelly with fuel cost circa 1.8USD per litre of petrol in UK we need to drive TDi’s… which doesn’t need to be shame because of great achievements AUDI made in LeMans… all the best in New Year

  2. from december of last year. too much fun!

  3. let’s try that again:

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