foto of the day. cool or too much?

Yes i am in the midst of loving 911s.  Especially 997s and 60s/70s models.  This attempts to join those two worlds…..unclear whether i support this or not, however i am enjoying the photo of a 997 with Martini livery!

It is a modified 997 Turbo called “EVT700” and here’s where you can read the article in GTPorsche about the car…

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4 thoughts on “foto of the day. cool or too much?

  1. Automobiliac says:

    It’s too much for a road car, but cool for a track car. I think what saves it from abject vulgarity is that it thankfully doesn’t have gloss white wheels.

    • Syed says:

      i would tend to agree with you….although part of me has a desire to bust through the streets in full vintage livery, as long as it is consistent with the car, of course. Rollin down the street in a Toyota Avalon with martini racing livery would be so daft and ill advised.

  2. the wheels look like high-end street wheels by HRE, so they don’t go with the rest of the racey image of the car. they’re also 5-bolt wheels instead of single center lock, which even stock GT3s have. so already a couple of things are saying ‘poseur’ to the discerning eye.

    even with these small changes, though, i couldn’t rock a fully-liveried car on the street.

    axis of oversteer uses martini livery on its cayman s PCA club racer though, where it probably most belongs (on track, and in competition):

  3. […] i had posted back in December about the Porsche 911 EVT700 and it’s mad over the top livery treatment—–but here’s that same car parked in London.  I have to say—–it is absurd, attention whore-ish, and a bit vulgar—-but i like it. […]

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