who? what? how? want? B5 RS4 Avant for sale in the US.

How in the world did this guy manage to get three B5 RS4s into this country!?  This is the ultimate german avant——what a stance.  If he can just share his secrets with me about how he got it here, and how I CAN get one of my ultimate dream cars (Audi RS2) into this country; i would be greatly appreciative!  I am not even understanding HOW he got these dot certified; apparently the owner of this car has 2 more!  I know one person personally who imported a B5 RS4 into the country, however it took him much effort and several years to even get the car once it was quarantined.

He’s asking $49k….which is quite expensive–but to an Audi enthusiast; really isn’t a bad price at all considering its rarity and desirability in this country.  I’m sure the right person will snap this up for around the price of a B8 S4.

picked this up from Bring-A-Trailer

original post on VWvortex

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