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B8 RS4 spotted in the USA.

This is THE sexiest and most exciting Wagon  (Avant in Audi language) on sale right now….and having been forbidden for as long as it existed, could this be the first time that Audi is thinking of importing an RS Avant to US shores?  Look at those fenders.  Wicked.  Fruitfully spotted by our friends at Quattroworld at a recent GTG.

There is now a FB page devoted to getting people to join; to convince Audi of America there is a market for this car.  I, for one, am severely interested!  I am currently on the order list for a 2014 Audi S3, however if I was told this would be arriving I would have to re-evaluate things!  The Facebook petition worked for the TT-RS, did not work for the RS3, but let’s hope it works for this.

Dear AoA:  Take the steps we all want you to take.  I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when the 8P RS3 did not come to the US market, and it would be a shame if the B8 RS4 Avant doesn’t come here either.  These are the cars we want and will pay money for!  

Join the FB page HERE

HA! “you just got beat by a wagon” sticker at the top of the back window!

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Avant Heaven.

These are the coolest Avants (Wagons) ever made.  If it were my choice, i’d grab the RS2 and the B8 RS4 for maximum satisfaction.  Best commercial of the year!

Thanks to Skaala for the tip!


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foto of the day. RS4.

My friend Thomas driving his fantastic Audi RS4 Avant (B5) around the Nurburgring!  Menacing in the rain.

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foto(s) of the day. neu RS4.

WOW…this is absolutely stunning!  In Papaya Orange, the 2013 Audi RS4 (B8) spotted at Audi headquarters in Germany.

Photos courtesy of Fourtitude

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who? what? how? want? B5 RS4 Avant for sale in the US.

How in the world did this guy manage to get three B5 RS4s into this country!?  This is the ultimate german avant——what a stance.  If he can just share his secrets with me about how he got it here, and how I CAN get one of my ultimate dream cars (Audi RS2) into this country; i would be greatly appreciative!  I am not even understanding HOW he got these dot certified; apparently the owner of this car has 2 more!  I know one person personally who imported a B5 RS4 into the country, however it took him much effort and several years to even get the car once it was quarantined.

He’s asking $49k….which is quite expensive–but to an Audi enthusiast; really isn’t a bad price at all considering its rarity and desirability in this country.  I’m sure the right person will snap this up for around the price of a B8 S4.

picked this up from Bring-A-Trailer

original post on VWvortex

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RS5 & urquattro.

1981 Audi urquattro and 2010 Audi RS5

What a fantastic set of pictures….here are just 4 of them.  Click on the link to read the full article, and to see the full set of 40+ photos!  beautiful photos of 2 stunning cars separated by a good 30 years.



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foto of the day. AUDI Galore.

Pretty sweet. 8 Audis = 1 AMAZING wallpaper.

Courtesy of www.carmagazine.co.uk

click to enlarge

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