Motoring Con Brio’s new E30.

We have a nice little entertaining network of small, niche, automotive blogs.  Enthusiasts with opinions and creativity about some of the best objects on earth; cars! Drew from Motoring Con Brio recently purchased a gem of a BMW E30 325.  I really dig the stance, and it really hits all the right buttons.  I often wish BMW could return to this type of coolness…look forward to seeing the car next week at one of our enjoyable meet-ups.

see more pics and his writing about the car here:

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One thought on “Motoring Con Brio’s new E30.

  1. John Lonergan says:

    Salmon silver–same as my ’89 325i (bought new). Beautiful car, beautiful condition (from the outside). Modern tires, shocks, ECU and a few other things will make this perfect. It’s still my daily driver after 22 years.

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