how the ‘big’ car blogs get things wrong.

How in the world can the car blogs and their respective commenters think that this VW Beetle mule is the actual production ready concept?  CLEARLY it is not…..i’m dissappointed in the petrolhead communities.  You guys gotta start THINKING!!  VW is not dumb enough to plop the same bumpers as the outgoing model on top of a lower roofline.  See the magnified pics for evidence of these being simply skins…i’m picking on Autoblog today, because i just so happened to see them carelessly assume this is the production version…

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6 thoughts on “how the ‘big’ car blogs get things wrong.

  1. Feketelaszlo says:

    Well, I don’t know if it is the production-ready version or not, but a bumper doesn’t changes much on a car. Plus VW said they will want to make the newest Beetle cheaper: using parts of the not-so-new Beetle is a perfect way of doing this I think, and this will also mean cheaper replacement parts, so maybe the New Beetle can really be a new Beetle.

    • Syed says:

      VW has reduced costs of all their cars in the last couple of years, but they have never used the same bumper in any of those——costs are not really driven by parts like bumpers!—they are driven by chassis costs, machinery, manufacturing techniques and materials far more than any bodywork!—-IMO, this is definitely not the finished product.

  2. […] I TOLD YOU all the blogs were wrong about the styling of the 2012 Beetle….funny how people argued that was how it was going to look…. […]

  3. Samuel says:

    Well IEDEI you get some pretty simple automotive facts wrong too. Like calling the BMW M3 GTE car a DTM car at the NY Auto show. And not knowing some basic rules of modern sports car racing like, the fact that the GT2 cars are supposed to hold the racing line and let the prototypes find a way around.

    • Syed says:

      why are you such an angry little man, Samuel? I am not a commercial, profit making blog like Autoblog. I don’t do this for my career—-i do it for entertainment and for passion. So back off, little angry man. You don’t like it? go somewhere else….

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