my holy grail Porsche, and probably the purest Porsche 911 ever made.  The glorious 911R.

(click to enlarge pics)

Cheers to Titchati for some of these pics

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3 thoughts on “911R.

  1. Automobiliac says:

    I hear there is this amazing, unobtainable book about these cars!

  2. Ligonnet Rene says:

    First Porsche I ever drove it was in a Rally fall of 1968. The start of the Rally was in the city of Laon about 140 kms North East of Paris and the first stage was on a circuit race on an .airfield called Clastres 30klms from the start. The owner of the car hired me to drive the circuit as he did not have any experience on circuit racing. He was a Porsche dealer and have no idea of how he had this car. From Laon to the Circuit of Clusters it was about 30kms and let me drive the Porsche to get used to it . Among the entries was a Porsche 904 and Lucien Bianchi driving an Alfa Romeo. The 904 retired after a few laps when we were together and I won the race with Bianchi behind. For the time the car was so fast, it made it real easy. The rest of the rally I acted as a codriver. I do not know what became of that 911R and of my mate, if he is still alive I hope for him he still have this R, but it sure was quite a while ago, as my Grand mother was not even born. I currently own a 1992 911RS bought new and wish I could own the new 911R I think at Porsche
    they built that car thinking of me….

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