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There were prettier, faster, more glamourous, more hyped, and more revered small coupes from that era (mid 60s)—but i would argue none of them were as COOL as the NSU TTS.  rear-engined.  rear-wheel drive.  and definitely the most aggressive looking of them all.  Eat your heart out, italians!

file under: off the beaten path, away from mainstream admiration (thankfully).

Repros NSU TTS


src:  littleWarrior

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what was made, what was made very little of, and what was never made.  All three are quattro icons.



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A110 of the day.

For many of the new readers, you should know I am *obsessed* with the Alpine A110 (and Alpine as a marque in general). that is all.  My general interest in automotive topics continues to wither and fade, but Alpines and Audis seem to be completely immune to this destructive force.

src:  renault classic



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Todd McLellan does  some really cool deconstructions and shows the extraordinary detail of things we consider ‘ordinary’.   He has some videos on his site as well…so make sure you check them out.


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This painting is by William Roberts and entitled “The Vorticists at The Restaurant De La Tour Eiffel”, from 1915—holding their copy of the Vorticist magazine “Blast” (issue #1).


src: Articles & Texticles

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foto of the day. 205 T16.

the phenomenal Peugeot 205 T16!

src:  carsMoveUs

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foto of the day. Veyron.

I love this colour combination, a dull grey and a shiny grey combining to create a visually striking textural enterprise!  As we all know, there have been many limited edition Veyrons cross the stage since the car was launched, primarily for rich sheikhs who have nothing better to do with their pocket change.  That being said, none of that negates the fact that the Veyron is by far the most staggeringly well-engineered production car made in our lifetime—and while i’m never much a fan of ‘open top motoring’ (as I look and feel like Dracula-in-a-convertible every time i have driven a convertible), this Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse really does look the part with its ‘Jet Grey’ paint scheme.

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foto of the day. D8 GTO.

The Donkervoort D8 GTO is easily one of my absolute favourite cars in production right now…..just amazing to look at, and transcends the idea of the Lotus Seven straight into the 21st century.  The GT4 version won the GT4 class of the 24 hours of Dubai, so it is developing a racing pedigree all of its own.

To me, in my current state of mind—-mixing modern and vintage.  This may be the perfect interior.  The stuff daydreams are made of…

src: senseTheCar

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foto of the day. Vallelunga.

Before there was the Mangusta or the Pantera……there was the DeTomaso Vallelunga! gorgeous.

src:  best shed

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foto of the day. Integrale.

What a fantastic photo of a fantastic car (Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo) taken by Turbodelta

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foto of the day. 8 Gordini.

These are really starting to appeal to me!  Renault 8 Gordini

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foto of the day. AMX.

1966 AMC AMX Vignale Concept.

src: shorey

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Where is the secret spot?

Well I have to say I am entirely intrigued by these “Secret Spot” pics posted over at Type-01.  If this is a single location; what kind of a location will have the combination of cars seen in this pic?  More mysteriously—–what are those two Bugatti concepts doing there!?!?  I would think those 2 concepts would be under the ownership of Bugatti/VAG.  I don’t recall them ever being produced for private ownership.  Hmm.

Beautiful greyscale photos as well.

src: Type-01

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foto of the day. 50s.

“Four Audi 50 racing cars fighting for the lead at a Touring-Car-Race at Hockenheimring in the early 80´s” – eLKayPics

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foto of the day. TT.

The more time that passes by, the fonder i become of the stubby little badass that is the NSU TT.

src: davydutchy

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foto of the day. Bagheera.

Matra-Simca Bagheera with two furry women.

src: influx

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art of the day. B20 GT.

One of the finest coupes ever made—-the 1954 Lancia Aurelia B20 GT.

src: shorey

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Elan +2S

The Lotus Elan—-a car i love, but largely ignore.  I have to say….this 2+2 is beautiful with a much nicer roofline than the original Elan, IMO—-and very nicely appointed interior.  It’s on sale…..for only $40k!  Come on and buy it….you only live once.

This car is completely restored and is a 1971.  Follow the link at the bottom for more info:

the car is on sale at Hyman Ltd.

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foto of the day. Bonnet.

the 1962 Rene Bonnet Djet—-mid-engined (one of the first mid-engined production cars, along with the 550 spider), and essentially what would evolve into Matra Djet afterwards.  Mid engined and super cool.

Interestingly enough, Matra (plastics/industrial company) was not even involved with this car as it was developed, however supposedly bought Bonnet in 1963/1964 after Rene Bonnet (developer of the Djet and race car driver) hit financial trouble— and then Matra evolved the Djet into a street going sports car.

This beautiful photograph was taken by Dirk De Jager

src: supercars.net

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foto(s) of the day. Clio.

In my list of all-time favourite Top 5 hatchbacks, this would have to be in the list.  The superb Renault Clio V6

src: collaVerglas

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brochure of the day. SM

How beautiful are the funky 70s photos in this brochure of the exquisite 1973 Citroen SM!?

src: lovxlr8

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