I find the Saab 99 to be a beautiful, underrated classic.  I’m not exactly sure how it drives, although i’m guessing it is not spectacular to drive; or there would be a bit more desirability associated with it.  But it’s so cool; in that natural swedish type of cool.  It’s got a definite shape, with its own character.

As a child, i always thought the first car i would own would have been a Saab 900.  I even went to a shady auction outside of Detroit when i was 16 to buy one, but wasn’t allowed to buy it by my parents! ha.


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2 thoughts on “99.

  1. agree 110%. i’d love either a 99 or a 900 spg even if, like you say, they are underwhelming to drive (which they probably are).

  2. Automobiliac says:

    Perfect car to drive to a naturist commune in.

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