foto of the day. coupe.

all types of hotness! a wonderfully spec’d B3 Audi Coupe. want.

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7 thoughts on “foto of the day. coupe.

  1. Audi Coupe has its own platform called 8B, not B3/B4.

    btw, 10x for the brilliant site!

    • Syed says:

      Hi. thanks for checking out the site. The Coupe is considered to be B3 or B4, and the ‘8B’ refers to the bodystyle. For example, the B3 sedan was 8A and the Cabrio was 8G. These were, however, all considered part of the B3 family. I do love these coupes though….

      • Tee S. says:

        Still wrong. There is no such a thing “B4 Coupe” Audi Coupe 1989- 1996 is based on Audi 80 B3. No matter what Audi 80 got facelift 91/92 to be called B4 serie. Coupe also got -91 on similar new large front mask look that B4 cars had, but still the Coupe was based on Audi 80 B3.

        • syed says:

          there definitely is a B4 Coupe….which represents the facelift. that is the proper nomenclature. The B4 is indeed based off a B3……however the nomenclature for Audi does not require massive changes for a new designation. Example: B3 and B4…….B6 and B7

          • Tee S. says:

            No there isn´t. Coupe and Cabriolet is based on B3 till the model end. Only 91/92> facelifted sedan & avant were B4s. Considered to be a new model B3>B4. Coupe and Cabriolet also got similar front mask & hood, also front bumper was new, though different than sedan´s and avant´s. Coupe & Cabriolet also got few new engine options from B4´s line, but still the Coupe and the Cabriolet stayed basing on B3 (axles… etc) until the end of production. If you dont´t believe, there´s a lot of European Audi enthusiast sites and other information on the web. Ok?

  2. Tee S. says:

    Typ 8B – B3; Audi Coupé (1989–1996); Audi S2 (1991–1996)
    Typ 8C – B4; Audi 80 (1992–1995); Audi RS2 Avant (1994–1996)


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