“automotive monogamy” by Matteo Ferrari

I love these photos.  I first came across Matteo’s photos in one of my automotive magazines “Intersection”, however Matteo Ferrari is known for this type of time lapsed photography of cars and their owners—-showing the often long-term relationships with their automobiles. After owning the TT for 8 years, I am currently finding myself acknowledging the deep bonds between cars and their owners.

Here are some of the photos he has done… from his website

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5 thoughts on ““automotive monogamy” by Matteo Ferrari

  1. themonitor says:

    Had my TT for over 10 years.

  2. Corey Zwegers says:

    What is the name of that Alfa Spider? That is the most beautiful car I have seen in a while.

  3. Mathieu says:

    Great pics! I really love the idea of keeping a car forever. That is what i hope to do with my W126. It was my childhood dream, i took 3 years to find the exact car that I wanted and when I try to ship it back home, I was told by the local authorities I could not import and “old car”
    Hoe to explain that my car does not get old, but turned classic?
    So I decided instead that i will drive it back home, from NY to South America!
    I hope to be able to take some pics like the ones you have shared in ten.. twenty, thirty years!

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