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Intersection Magazine: “Cars Now”

I’ve said this many times before, but Intersection Magazine is by far my favourite magazine in publication…..and has been for the past 3 years as a subscriber.  It’s the only magazine I get truly excited about when I see a new issue.  They are entertaining, creative, beautifully photographed, and well made.

I was happy to see in the latest issue that they have released a book entitled “Cars Now: A Guide To The Most Notable Cars Today”; so I instantly ordered it for $40 and I was pleased to find that it certainly did not dissappoint.  The purpose of this book is to document international automotive brands on sale worldwide at the moment; big and small.  It’s great to see beautiful photos of the larger marques and their current cars, but also see and read full presentations about the not-so-well-known marques.  A great book for my collection, and will sit very nicely alongside my Intersection magazine collection.

512 pages, $39.99, available to order from Taschen

and of my favourite photos in the entire book!! JUST CLASSIC! LOL:

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“L’Etoile Du Nord”

From the best international magazine in the world: Intersection.  They never fail to impress me.  More on them this week…

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“automotive monogamy” by Matteo Ferrari

I love these photos.  I first came across Matteo’s photos in one of my automotive magazines “Intersection”, however Matteo Ferrari is known for this type of time lapsed photography of cars and their owners—-showing the often long-term relationships with their automobiles. After owning the TT for 8 years, I am currently finding myself acknowledging the deep bonds between cars and their owners.

Here are some of the photos he has done… from his website

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