Gumpert Tornante.

i absolutely love this.  i still can’t figure out exactly why—-however there is something very ‘vintage’ and ‘futuristic’ about this design.  I even liked the vulgarity of their previous model (Gumpert Apollo)—-however i have to say that this one is not vulgar at all—-in fact it is stunningly cool.  I’m digging the rear taillights, the split window, the vintage pillars…epic cool.

Revealed at the Geneva Auto Show today/

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5 thoughts on “Gumpert Tornante.

  1. Jon says:

    That front end looks ripped right off the E-Tron.

  2. Rob says:

    Gumpert gets most parts from Audi anyway. So it is a valid guess.
    Great piece of design, though! Very muscular and much more loveable than the Apollo

    • Syed says:

      i know Roland Gumpert had a very successful position with Audi in the 80s as he headed Audi Sport during those years—–but i did not know the Gumpert shares part with Audi—is this well documented?

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