foto of the day. Fulvia.

Lancia Fulvia in a VERY unusual colour! a colour I have never seen before on this car.  Does anyone know if this was a factory Lancia paintcode?  beautiful it is.

photographer:  edsel


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6 thoughts on “foto of the day. Fulvia.

  1. i dig the color. the rub? just not on this car.

  2. This was a stock Lancia colour in the 1970s and was seen frequently on Beta saloons and coupes.

  3. Andreas says:

    yes, it is an original colour: “Verde Dublino” Code Lechler 118
    unusual and elegant!

  4. Pierroberto Scaramella says:

    Is not “verde Dublino”. It is “verde cascine”. An original colour fulvia3 (1974-1976) Code IVI 534.278

  5. Otto Schwandner says:

    I can confirm that the colour is “verde cascine” and an original colour for Lancia Fulvia Coupe. The Fulvia Coupe on the picture is from 1973, thus 2nd series. I know that because today I am the owner of the car shown on this “foto of the day”.

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