Pogea Racing A1.

the Audi A1 is another in the line of mythical Audi creations which will likely never hit the US shores; but that doesn’t stop me from lusting after one.  This one is a great colour, with dark wheels, and an aggressive lowered stance.  If you were to ask me to build an A1, i would want to build it like this—-possibly minus the wacky retro-y cloth interior though….am more a leather person myself.  Unfortunately Audi aren’t keen on bringing this generation A1 to this country; or it would DEFINITELY be in my garage as a city commuter.  156hp in a 2300+ pound body sounds damn good to me!

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2 thoughts on “Pogea Racing A1.

  1. PeterD says:

    Who don’t those specs sound good to??

    But the price specification would be a little tougher to handle. Think $30k+. That’s 128i money. I don’t think I could pull the trigger on the A1, even if it were sold in North America.

    • Syed says:

      as someone who is a big fan of the 128i like i am, i would agree with you about the pricing. I think one of the reasons Audi doesn’t sell this car in NA is due to the pricing likely being over $20k for an ‘entry’ Audi hatchback. I think i would consider one if it were under $25k nicely equipped with quattro—-otherwise, the pricing would just be way off….

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