video of the day. Widebody S4.


The B5 Audi S4 has really joined the ranks of ‘legendary’ modern euro cars—-it wasn’t just the sportier version of the car that financially rescued Audi in the mid-late 1990s (the B5 A4), but its interesting twin-turbo narrow angle V6 made tuneability of this car as easy as falling down.  The S4 has always been the Audiphile staple, with the right combination of practicality, size, price, and tuneability—-all mated to an all-important quattro.   2nd hand prices for stock/lightly modded cars are stable now in the $10-15k range, and demand is high these days, especially amongst its rabidly enthusiastic following.  The cars that have been converted to ‘Stage 3’ are selling between $15-25k and packing at least 400hp, if not much more…

This, though…is a stunning video outlining the appeal of this modern classic.   Check out the backseats!  Those might be the greatest rear seats i’ve ever seen.

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2 thoughts on “video of the day. Widebody S4.

  1. Jon says:

    I owned one of these from 2000 to 2003 and took it to track days a few times. It was a fantastic car but the components under the hood were packed so tightly together that doing any kind of real work on the engine requires completely disassembing the bodywork around the front of the car. That part sucks a little bit and was one of the reasons I sold it.

    • Syed says:

      yeah they really did shove a lot into that small engine bay, including 2 big fat K04s. Do you mean pulling the front bumper off or other bodywork? i’ve noticed in the TT as well, that the front bumper gets pulled off for lots of little things…

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