Top Gear reviews the BMW 1M


I really think BMW is going down the wrong direction these days——–BUT i’ve always loved the original 1-series coupe, as well as the 1M.  Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the 1m on Top Gear UK sunday night… take a look at what he thought….

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3 thoughts on “Top Gear reviews the BMW 1M

  1. Rob says:

    I too think Top Gear is going West these days (same kind of jokes all the time and going way over the top in some segments (i.e. E-Type Jag)) but I agree with JC’s verdict on the 1M, despite the price. But you just mustn’t see it as a top-end 1-Series rather than a small 2+2(+luggage) sports car…

    • Syed says:

      i still love top gear—mainly because they have passion for the automobile, and it really shows. i do agree that the 1M is great, however i often wonder exactly how much difference there really is between the 135 and the 1M, as there is really just a 35hp difference between the 2 cars—and i think the 1M actually weighs a little bit extra. Considering this, i think the 135 is actually a great bargain as well.

  2. the 135i looks much nicer than the 1m, too. but the 1m will probably become a future collectible of sorts if that matters.

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