I’m still not sure what to think of vinyl wraps people are doing on cars—–mainly because the ‘matte’ look is such a played out, cliche look these days—–and although i was fascinated by it a couple of years ago, now i generally see either cheesy supercars with it OR rubbish 1990s japanese cars whose owners were too cheap to get a paint job, so they used grille paint to create it!

But either way I find it an interesting solution.  I have never really encountered a ‘wrapped’ car in person close enough to inspect, but i’d be interested to watch them wrap a car to see how they do it.  Also what happens if a car gets hit? does the wrap rip up/shred a bit and expose the original car underneath?

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5 thoughts on “wrapping.

  1. Because it is wrapped in vinyl, your car can sustain damage lest damaging the vinyl cover instead. that’s just one of the advantage of vinyl wrapping.

  2. Colin says:

    Did that really take 3+ people 4 days?

  3. Jon says:

    I have seen a Porsche Carrera GT in flat black wrap, as welll as a couple of cars in either complete or partial 3m Di-NOC carbon fiber wrap. The CF wrap is far more poser than the flat wrap in my opinion because you are attempting to present your car for something that it is not. The flat option is appealing because you get chip protection as well as a color change which does not effect the actual value of the car (especially on high end vehicles) because you have deviated from the factory color.

    When they are done right, you have to really look to find the seams or overlaps on the panels.

    I am a fan of it. Its a great way to change the color of your car and personalize it, without stripping and painting the whole thing. It gives you the option to go back at any time!

    • Syed says:

      agree jon—-the CF is a waste of time and money IMO—as it is waaaay to poser! i can see how the idea of getting a wrap is a good one….i haven’t seen it up close though, what does it feel like? is it actual vinyl? does it get hot in the sun? lol

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