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I’m still not sure what to think of vinyl wraps people are doing on cars—–mainly because the ‘matte’ look is such a played out, cliche look these days—–and although i was fascinated by it a couple of years ago, now i generally see either cheesy supercars with it OR rubbish 1990s japanese cars whose owners were too cheap to get a paint job, so they used grille paint to create it!

But either way I find it an interesting solution.  I have never really encountered a ‘wrapped’ car in person close enough to inspect, but i’d be interested to watch them wrap a car to see how they do it.  Also what happens if a car gets hit? does the wrap rip up/shred a bit and expose the original car underneath?

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Pogea Racing A1.

the Audi A1 is another in the line of mythical Audi creations which will likely never hit the US shores; but that doesn’t stop me from lusting after one.  This one is a great colour, with dark wheels, and an aggressive lowered stance.  If you were to ask me to build an A1, i would want to build it like this—-possibly minus the wacky retro-y cloth interior though….am more a leather person myself.  Unfortunately Audi aren’t keen on bringing this generation A1 to this country; or it would DEFINITELY be in my garage as a city commuter.  156hp in a 2300+ pound body sounds damn good to me!

Found on:  Fourtitude

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creamy tea-coloured Lamborghini Espada.

Yeah, i dig weird shades of brown….and i REALLY dig the Lamborghini Espada…this thing is sweet!  Apparently these photos were taken at Lamborghini Of Houston (click to see more pics, the car is on sale there for $55k+)

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ur quattro.

amazing car and great photos.  the photos were taken by Joachim Naess

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site: The Brown Car Blog!

I’ve always had a soft spot for ‘brown’ cars….despite the ridicule of some of my friends who are also into cars, I find them to look very cool.  I feel the colour suits ‘machinery’ quite well.  Porsche knows what i’m talkin about!

Now i’ve found a blog devoted to brown car photos!  Fantastic!


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