welcome to the redesigned IEDEI (v. 3.0)

(a picture of the original 2008 blog style below)









This is the 3rd major redesign in IEDEI history—–and quite a large one at that.  Learning CSS is harder than it seems—but i’m glad Sobia (my wife) is a bit of a badass when it comes to web development and helped me iron out a few details—although the design and ideas are solely mine.

All hail the next era of the cool automotive blog.  IEDEI was a unique idea when i launched it over 3 years ago—-and remains a unique idea, so unique that I can’t even figure out what it is supposed to be sometimes.  That being said—I have some interesting ideas for the “IEDEI” badge in the coming times…..more details in 2012.

Keep the petrol pumping, and the cylinders humping.

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2 thoughts on “welcome to the redesigned IEDEI (v. 3.0)

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice design as always. keep it up!

  2. ozzydante says:

    Really cool design, I actually love the header, can anyone tell me where does that image come from?
    Thank you any way and keep up the good work

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