cool + cool + cool = uncool?

Stirling Moss is a living legend, that Ferrari in the photo is pretty damn (overpriced) sexy, and that leather racing bag by Caracella is pretty wicked looking.

So why does this photo seem so tacky/cheesy? Overkill maybe?  Artificial-ness? I think the car and the bag are just too ‘matched’…a plain blue Ferrari would have worked much better. Is the problem Sir Moss’ shoes? HA! Is the problem that the presence of a Ferrari make things instantly uncool? I’m not sure—and maybe you won’t even agree with me.  I believe this is evidence that things don’t add up as they should sometimes.

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5 thoughts on “cool + cool + cool = uncool?

  1. Automobiliac says:

    A Plain blue ferrari would be better???
    There is no more desirable SWB than the Rob Walker one in the picture!
    I think it’s the shoes that ruin it for sure. Plus the utter lack of art direction. The car, bag, and man are all totally awesome though.

    • Syed says:

      a plain one for the sake of the photo…….not that i really care anyways, as Ferraris are just all about the provenance rather than the actual automobile. I do think the shoes have assisted the total lack of art to mangle this photo!

      • “Ferraris are just all about provenance”- Syed, we used to be friends.

        It does look a bit like those tacky Christmas cards where everyone’s wearing the same sweater. I disagree with the white stripe across the hood and the shoes.

  2. ewokracing says:

    Glad someone else brought it up, have seen this ad a few times in Octane magazine I think… so cheesy.

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