the battle of fender flares.

Amazing how similar these 2 cars were in Ur quattro and M3 form.  Apparently the fender flares were even made by the same company (Bauer)—–however the Ur quattro was introduced to the world at least a good 5 years before the M3.  Dare I say that BMW was heavily inspired by the Ur quattro when styling the M3’s bodykit…..however obviously adding their own touch with a large rear wing.

I’d take the one on the right…..but you knew that didn’t you!

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2 thoughts on “the battle of fender flares.

  1. Automobiliac says:

    Great Photo. If only there was a red Lancia delta Integrale in there too. That car had extremely similar flares as well.

    • Syed says:

      yeah the Delta Integrale definitely had the same type of bulged fender flare, however it wasn’t made by the same manufacturer as the Ur quattro’s and then subsequently the E30’s was made….but yeah, same vibe going on.

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