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the battle of fender flares.

Amazing how similar these 2 cars were in Ur quattro and M3 form.  Apparently the fender flares were even made by the same company (Bauer)—–however the Ur quattro was introduced to the world at least a good 5 years before the M3.  Dare I say that BMW was heavily inspired by the Ur quattro when styling the M3’s bodykit…..however obviously adding their own touch with a large rear wing.

I’d take the one on the right…..but you knew that didn’t you!

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4C vs. Artega GT.

After the massive failure of this morning’s Alfa Romeo 4c debut in Geneva—–i was obsessed with the idea that this car has completely plagiarized the Artega GT.  Then i looked at the photos—–and was astounded by the similarities.  If this car is not an Artega GT, then Artega should sue the shit out of Alfa Romeo—–and Alfa Romeo should hang their heads in shame!

Let me be clear….i LOVE the Artega GT—it is truly one of my favourite sports cars on sale at the moment, and i am anxiously awaiting their arrival to the US—-but to see Alfa Romeo plagiarize a design so blatantly offends the side of me that loves Alfa Romeo (and yes, count me in the clans of Alfisti who have been waiting for Alfa to come back to this country)

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