Alpine 1:43 models.

Ebay can be dangerous….especially!

I’ve had trouble finding 1:43 die cast models of Alpines that actually satisfies me in terms of proportions and accuracy….but these french made models are really great; and very affordable as well!  I bought 4 of them which came today.  On the lookout for more!

three A110s!

And this rare and super cool A210!



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3 thoughts on “Alpine 1:43 models.

  1. Tamerlane says:

    Greetings! Stipistop suggested your site to me. It’s awesome.

    I collect 1/43s also. What French diecast companies do you like? Norev seems to have the largest selection. Are there others worth looking into? Thanks.

    • Syed says:

      hello and welcome! Thanks for the nice words. I must admit that most of my 1:43 models are made by Minichamps….but these Alpines are made by Eligor. It seems that Eligor, Trofeu, and Norev have the most variety of Alpines……i also love the 1:18 models by Ottomobile (french, i believe?)…but they are larger models and are more expensive, so i have not bought any. Do you have many 1:43 models? what kind of cars do you collect?

      • Tamerlane says:

        I see that you’re friends with Motoring Con Brio. Shame on him for not letting me know about your site sooner.

        Most of my cars are Minichamps. As a matter of fact, my handle on Jalopnik and Hooniverse is Maxichamp. I have a few IXOs and Sparks as well. I never ventured into Norevs, although I am obsessed with Citroens. Since I buy most of my cars on eBay, I really don’t get to see them beforehand in person and don’t want to waste money with an unknown product.

        It’s all 1/43s for me. I don’t have the space or the budget for 1/18s.

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