is BMW trying to buy SAAB?

(fake logo adapted from SaabsUnited)

It seems like they are!  According to a report on Saabs United, there are 7 companies currently bidding for the bankrupt swedish remains of SAAB, one of them is noted as a large european carmaker—-which by some accounts hails from Munich. Well that would only mean one thing….BMW.  BMW & Saab had previously had some agreements to share technology developing the next Mini and the Saab 9-2; so this wouldn’t be completely out of the blue.

“6-7 serious bidders have been confirmed and among them is a European car-manufacturer according to several sources to different media. What was interesting this time is that these companies want to build Saabs. We have gotten very strong indications from several independent sources that this european company is German and located in Munich. This company has the intention as Till mentioned in an earlier article, to build Saabs and their own cars on the same platform.”

For Saab’s sake….I hope it’s true!

src: SaabsUnited via Autoguide

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2 thoughts on “is BMW trying to buy SAAB?

  1. James A. Lamb says:

    Hi, Sayed.

    I love Saabs; the 93 Viggen was on my bucket list for a while. But BMW doesn’t need it. Saabs have always been a niche market; GM should have figured that out before they bought it. The only things BMW can use it for are resources and assets.

    Companies only want to buy it because it’s for sale. Unfortunately, the niche that Saab works well in is small. Trying to upgrade it to a major car manufacturer will be done at BMW’s peril.


    • Syed says:

      Hello Tony—fortunately from what i’m reading in that SaabsUnited article, the companies currently interested in Saab actually want to produce Saab cars again….I know this may be wishful thinking, considering all the different gossip stories we’ve heard about “plans”….but BMW seems like a company which may follow through, if they can outbid the chinese. Oh and i LOVE the 9-3 Viggen.

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