the rise of IEDEI. and thanks.

Yes I am addicted to looking at statistics….not because I am trying to make money or trying to get famous—-but because to me statistics is progress!  It also means that there are more people into cool motor cars  and ideas who share common passions…and that is a great feeling!

IEDEI’s weekly statistics from August 2011 to March 2012.  Readership has tripled.

I felt I should share how quickly this place is expanding, because in the 3+ years I have been publishing stuff here, i have never seen such a dramatic rise in readership as I’m seeing now—–for which I just want to say THANKS to all of you for checking out the occasional articles and for sharing them with your friends/forums/facebook communities.   Also thanks to all the great blogs, many of which are great friends of mine for creating a very cool underground ‘gang’ of interesting car blogs.  Many of which you can find on my ‘other blogs’ section at the bottom of this page.

In celebration, i have also started a Twitter account, to get instant updates with new posts and articles:

IEDEI Twitter

Furthermore, if anyone would like to write an article for IEDEI, feel free to shoot me  an email with your ideas—-as i really dig contributions here, and would love to see other people’s mad ideas come to fruition!

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2 thoughts on “the rise of IEDEI. and thanks.

  1. Tamerlane says:

    Congrats! I’m a new fan but I can say with confidence that you’ve got a winning formula. High quality pictures/videos of cool/obscure sports cars + an easy to digest format. Keep up the great work.

  2. Very good job, and always a great pleasure reading your posts, from fan to fans 🙂

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